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Wysocki - is not a name as popular as Kowalski or Smith, but there are a lot of people by this name living in the world.

Let's calculate: there are 107 Wysockis in the Poznan (Poland) directory for 1997/98. With about 25 phones per 100 people in Poznan (1 phone per 4 people) we come to 107 x 4 = 428 Wysockis living in my city. In 1998 the population of Poznan was 578.200, which gives 7,402 (0,07402%) Wysockis in 10.000 people. Assuming a similar saturation with Wysockis among other Poles (1998 - 38.660.000), we come to 28.617 Wysockis in Poland in 1998. About one third of Poles lives outside of Poland, so we have to add 14.308. Adding to this number some 10% (1.431 person) of "foreign Wysockis", who do not consider themselves Polish any more, we get:

28.617 + 14.308 + 1.431 = 44.356 Wysockis in the world.

If the total population of the world reaches ca. 5.924.607.000 then there is one Wysocki in each 133.569 people.

According to an official census there are 29.720 Wysockis in Poland now, most  living in the area around Warszawa (3.103), the fewest around Krosno (53) and Nowy Sacz (54).

The surname Wysocki was first noted in ca. 1350. The time of one generation is about 25 years, so until 2000 there have been about 26 generations of Wysockis. Assuming that the number of people in each generation could be represented by geometric progression we come to the formula:

W26 = W1 q25

W26 - number of Wysockis in the 26th generation - 44.356
- number of Wysockis in the 1st generation - 2 (Wysocki The First and his wife)
- common ratio, calculated from the above formula gives 1,5342

 The total number of Wysockis on Earth up  till today:
SW26 = W1(q26-1)/(q-1) = 2(1,534226-1)/(1,5342-1) = 254.830

Out of the total number of Wysockis living on Earth until today ( 254.830) 17,4% are alive at present.

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Last updated: 2001-03-08
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