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Descendants of Jan Wysocki (Wielgosz)

First Generation

1. Jan Wysocki (Wielgosz) was born on 15 Oct 1826 in Nekla, Poznań, Poland. He died on 03 Mar 1908 in Poznań, Poland. He was related to his parents by adoption; he had other parents.

Jan married Marianna Antonina Komorowska, daughter of Wojciech Komorowski and Apolonia Hintz, 1845 to 15 Oct 1851. Marianna was born on 21 Jul 1833 in Nekla, Poznań, Poland.

They had the following children:

  2 F i Teodora Wysocka was born in 1850/1880. She died about 1939/1945 in USA.
        Teodora married N (V?) Kostecki. N (V?) Kostecki died after 22 Jun 1932 in USA.
  3 F ii Teresa Wysocka was born on 15 Oct 1851 in Rąbin, Kościan, Poland and was christened on 21 Oct 1851 in Rąbin, Kościan, Poland. She died on 23 Jan 1942 in Poznań, Poland.
+ 4 M iii Antoni Wysocki
+ 5 M iv Michal Wysocki

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